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Aftermarket parts and modifications by John Titus

John Titus is an engineer and has been a citroenthusiast for over 20 years. He specializes in innovative solutions for improving reliability, maintainability and affordability of these fantastic cars.



These are modifications that do not require "Titus" parts, but were engineered by John.

Alternate Fittings

Gear Reduction Starter

See Starter for background.

Ducellier 6211 vs. Titus (mass)
Ducellier 6211 vs. Titus (size)
Titus starter installed on C114 Maserati engine

(Photos courtesy of Bob Robinson)

  • Power Consumption: 1.4 kW
  • Gear train: OSGR (offset gear reduction)
  • Mass: 5 Kilos (less than half the weight of the Ducellier 6229 Starter).
  • Torque: 160 Ft-lbs (approx.)

This starter is based on a modern OSGR design and shares all common wear parts (solenoid, motor, brushes, clutch, gears) with literally millions of starters currently used in Toyota, Subaru, Honda, and Nissan cars and trucks, so the prospect for repair parts being available in the future is very good.

The OSGR design is also much less sensitive to cranking on a low battery (which means fewer ruined armatures than the direct drive Ducellier)

  • Cost: $485, including heat shield (not provided with most other aftermarket starters)
  • Shipping:
    • Domestic Shipping within the US is $21 by US Postal Service Priority Mail flat rate box
    • International Shipping is $95 by US Postal Service Priority Mail

John also has a version of this starter to fit the 5-Main Bearing Citroen DS/ID (large and small pinion) The replacement starter is smaller, lighter and cranks faster than the original starter.

(Citroen DS starter)
(Size comparison with Ducel 6182)

Pertronix Ignition System

Titus Pertronix Conversion Kit
Titus Pertronix Conversion Kit Installed - Citroen SM
Titus Pertronix Conversion Kit Installed - Maserati Merak

  • This system is a complete kit for converting the SEV distributor on the Maserati C114 Engine to a single coil system. It uses a custom CNC machined mounting plate and rotor adapter to mount the Pertonix 1165 module and a Buick odd-fire cap and rotor to the SEV Distributor. (Uses the same $20 cap and $10 rotor as the HEI Ignition system below.) NOTE: Installation of this kit will disable the vacuum retard module on vehicles so equipped. This may result in a slight increase in tailpipe emissions. It will not adversely affect performance.
  • Use of a matching 3-Ohm Pertronix Flamethrower Coil is highly recommended. When used with the matching coil, the ignition system is reliable up to 15,000 rpm.

As with all single-coil solutions, you will need to replace a resistor inside the tachometer can, or simply use the divide-by-two module shown below - Originally designed by David Osborn, the module has been redesigned to mount in a more protected orientation.

Divide-by-two module mounted to Jaeger Tachometer

  • Ignition kit complete with Pertronix 1165 module, cap and rotor - short wire version fits Maserati Merak and <1972 Citroen SM $450
  • Ignition kit complete with Pertronix 1165 module, cap and rotor - long wire version fits 1973> Citroen SM $465
  • Optional matching Pertronix Flamethrower coil $45 (no extra cost for shipping)
  • Optional divide-by-two module for Tachometer $100 (no extra cost for shipping)
  • Replacement cap and rotor $30
  • Shipping: $21 Domestic US; $95 International

HEI Ignition System - With D-Jetronic Triggers for Injection Models

Distributor with Cap (MKI version)
Distributor (MKI version)
HEI EFI Distributor (cap and rotor removed)
HEI EFI Distribtuor showing trigger point connecctions)

  • This system is recommended only if the trigger points for the EFI have failed. It is made from the HEI pickup and reluctor from an Odd-Fire Buick 231 CID engine matched with the cap and rotor from an Odd-Fire Buick 225 CID engine in a custom housing. The HEI system produces a more powerful spark than conventional ignition systems, is cheap to maintain (distributor caps cost about $20, rotors about $10) and has proven reliability over literally millions of miles on GM cars. D-Jetronic trigger function is provided by readily-available dual points from a Honda motorcycle.
  • NOTE: As of January 2019 this system is NFP, however the Pertronix kit is fully compatible with the EFI distributor.

Note that you will need to adjust the potentiometer inside your tachometer (a somewhat fiddly operation) or simply use Andrew Brodie's divide-by-two circuit see Marketplace:Andrew_Brodie to make the tachometer read correctly. This is available under the group files.

Turning Headlight Cable Actuators

1 Right Turn.JPG
3 Left Turn.JPG
4 Upper Brackets.jpg

  • Replaces the troublesome fluidic actuators for the turning headlights on your Citroen SM with maintenance-free cable actuators. Includes all brackets, cables, and fittings necessary for a complete retrofit. (Uses only the original steel pushrod, bell crank and return spring attached to the turning headlight itself - requires 90 degree bend in pushrod to be added). Replicates the original asymmetric headlight swing. Less costly and easier to install than the competing cable actuators AND much easier to adjust - a simple turn of a cable stop located under the hood is all that is necessary. Complete kit does both sides. All steel hardware is zinc plated for durability.
  • Cost: $450 each
  • Shipping: $21 USA; $95 international via USPS Priority Mail


Grose Jet Weber 1.JPG
  • These are a reproduction, specifically designed to replace the Weber 175 or Weber 200 needle valve in the Weber DCNF carburetor (Citroen SM, Maserati Merak, Maserati Bora, etc.), but will also fit Weber DDE DLE (Citroen DS), Weber IDF (Porsche), Weber DCOE and other Weber carburetors that use an M7x1 threaded needle valve (Weber P/N, etc).
  • Cost: $20 each
  • Shipping: $10.00 USA; $38 international (up to 18 jets) via USPS flat rate envelope

Water Pump Seal Modifications

This is the PacSeal 601 seal modification. See Water pump section for photos. Although you can do it yourself using the drawings I posted, I made a piloted counterbore to do the timing cover so I can knock out modified covers easily. I can provide a kit consisting of a seal and spacer plus a modified timing cover (you must provide the timing cover).

See Titus Modification to Water Pump for details and photos.

  • Ring Spacer: $45 made from 303 stainless
  • Machine timing cover and install ring spacer $75
  • Jackshaft machined to PacSeal Specifications $55
  • Pacseal 601 seal $20
  • Shipping: (depends)